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… I'd like to create a long plan, … chop it up and then add a matchline. … Under Models, let's go to New. … This will bring up the ""Visibility/Graphics Overrides"" dialogue box. The column on the left lists all elements in the drawing. Select the element you want to change.

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I have checked the Visibility/Graphics, and both Matchline (Annotation Categories) and Detail Items (Model Categories) are on. https://youtu.be/K1lRIagzBNcOverride Revit Elements' visibility graphic on multiple views/sheets; when the elements are outside the matchline While visibility of elements can be controlled using worksets and override graphics in view, the most efficient way is to use filters. Filters gives you a lot of freedom and lets you be creative on how you want elements to display. Enjoy these tips.

Cert Prep: Revit for Architectural Design Professional

To override matchline graphic format in a view. Click View tab Graphics panel (Visibility/Graphics). The Revit Links tab in the Visibility/Graphics dialog contains the following columns: Visibility: Select the check box to show the linked model in the view, or clear the check box to hide the linked model. Halftone: Select the check box to draw the linked model in halftone.

Revit matchline visibility

Effektivisering av förvaltningsskedet med 4D-planering - DiVA

Bottom Offset : Specify a distance below the bottom level on which you want the matchline to be visible. Click View tab Graphics panel (Visibility/Graphics). Click the Annotation Categories tab. Select Matchline from the list. Click Override in the Lines column. In the Line Graphics dialog, select values for Line Weight, Line Color, and Line Pattern, and click OK. Click Apply to see your changes, and click OK to exit the Visibility/Graphics dialog. Open the primary view from which your dependent views were created.

If you cannot see callout tags in a view as expected, check the following: Visibility/Graphics setting. Open the view in which you want to see the callout tag.
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A matchline and a view reference provide you with the ability to provide split views on Revit sheets. Shaun Bryant shows you how to set these elements and views up in a project. 2018-06-03 To control the visibility of datum elements in a scope box, you must associate each datum element with the scope box. Resize a Scope Box Resize a scope box to control the views in which it displays. Set the Views Visible Property for a Scope Box The Views Visible property sets the display of a scope box in various views, including elevation views.

Use the Linework tool to override the line style of individual element lines. Revit VIews - Dependent Views for Matchline Plans.
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2014-06-12 https://bimscape.com/product/beginners-guide-to-autodesk-revit-architecture/Please use the link above for full details of this online course, which includes a. Visibility Graphics Overrides 1 Element’s category or subcategory is unchecked in the VGO dialog 2 Element is an import and Show Imported Categories in this View has been unchecked 3 Element was imported with Current View Only checked, and you’re not in that view 4 Element’s visibility … How to find Properties Palette in Revit if accidentally closed. a) There are two ways to reopen the … From here you can control the visibility of the object.